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The Easiest Way to Help our Animals!

The Easiest Way to Help our Animals!

The Easiest Way to Help our Animals!

Posted by Frances Vega on April 1st, 2021



How many times a day do you search the internet?  5? 10?  20?  What if every time you clicked on “search” you were helping a shelter pet?

We’ve teamed up with SearchKibble to do just that.  SearchKibble is a new search engine designed to help animals in need. It works just like any other search engine: visit and type your query in the search bar (like “instant pot enchilada recipes,” or “where can I watch reruns of The National Dog Show”, or whatever fragment of words you caught of that song you like that was playing at the grocery store).

Every time you search, SearchKibble donates “kibble” (or its cash equivalent) to support’s mission. To say it again…every time you do a search you are helping a homeless pet! The founders, siblings Ken and JJ Ramberg started SearchKibble to ensure that no dog ever goes hungry –and they’ve already raised millions of dollars for animal welfare organizations.

It’s easy to join in and keep the “kibble” flowing.  Here’s how:


  1. Follow this link to install SearchKibble on Chrome.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome and then Add extension.
  3. SearchKibble is successfully installed!




  1. Follow this link to install SearchKibble on Firefox.
  2. Click Add to Firefox and then Add.
  3. Click Yes to enable Firefox to change the default search engine to SearchKibble.
  4. SearchKibble is successfully installed!



Want to know more?  Here is a quick FAQ:

How does SearchKibble earn money?

Like any other search engine, SearchKibble earns money from the advertisements on search results pages. These ads are marked and are served up by SearchKibble’s search partner Bing. SearchKibble receives a portion of the funds generated by these ads (Bing also receives a portion).

How does this money translate into “Kibble?”

Based on the revenue received, SearchKibble calculated that on average every search earns two pieces of “Kibble,” or about a penny.

How does the “Kibble” get donated?

SearchKibble works with us to put the funds raised to work towards animal welfare and furthering our mission. We will use these funds to improve the way we show pets on our site and help more homeless pets find forever homes, and to better serve the shelters and rescues that display pets on

How much “Kibble” is donated each quarter?

That depends on how many people use SearchKibble! The more people use it, the more receives!

How do I use SearchKibble?

You can use it as you would any other search engine! Simply go to to search or, even easier, download the Chrome extension.

Can I keep track of how much kibble I’ve earned through my searches?

You sure can! On the SearchKibble homepage, you’ll see a counter on the top right of the screen. You’ll be able to keep track of how your searches are helping animals in need!

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