This is not your usual pet magazine...

Editor's Note

This magazine is about everyone, it is about our lives and that includes pets.
Some people say that animals don't know how to talk, and we say some people just don't know how to listen. This is why we are here, to be the voice for the voiceless, and hopefully to create a common language that we all can understand, Love.
Pets have a special place in our society. From a baby who grows up together with their pet dogs to dogs who can save human lives by learning how to detect illnesses through their amazing sense of smell. We also see therapy horses who provide comfort and relief to individuals dealing with conditions like autism and cerebral palsy. Just a quick search online and you can find so many stories where a cat or a pet rat served as a loving companion to an individual battling depression.

They deserve to be viewed as true members of our families.
Our vision and goal are to foster better understanding and deeper love between the pets and their pet parents and to be the bridge between the pet parents and the rest of the society which are potential pet guardians. Through sharing stories of life-changing experiences that include a multitude of animals, including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses, and even chinchillas, we hope to inspire anyone to become part of the animal-loving community.
Here, we talk with a range of individuals. From social enterprises that work with animals to bring joy to individuals with special needs to social enterprises that work hard to rehome abandoned animals. From professionals who decided to adopt an animal into their families to entrepreneurs who develop solutions that improve the quality of living for pets and their parents.
Singapore has come a long way to becoming more accepting of pets as true members of our families. We see an increasing number of pets around us and more dog parks being built. We see the easing of the regulations regarding keeping cats in public housing and we even see a growing community of people who keep rodents as pets and advocate for their better care.
This is the spirit that inspired us to create The Pet Times as we believe the Time of Pets is Now.